CRC 5-56 AEROSOL 480GM 20% EXTRA CAN 5005B

CRC 5-56 AEROSOL 480GM 20% EXTRA CAN 5005B
Product code: CRC556480
Manufacturer code: 5005B
CRC 5-56 AEROSOL 480GM 20% EXTRA CAN  5005B
CRC 5.56 is a multi - purpose product with superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it clears away scale and dirt. Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. Lubricates for smooth action, and silences annoying squeaks and squeals. Protects metals against corrosion and displaces moisture to help start wet engines.

•A moisture eliminator - for wet equipment
•A moisture barrier to prevent trouble before it starts
•Protective film seals out moisture
•A lubricant -will give lubrication where it penetrates, rest O-Ring smooth action and silencing annoying squeaks and squeals
•Contains no silicone
•A penetrant - frees rusted or corroded parts
•Protects against corrosion
•A cleaner - apply to a corroded area, let it penetrate, then repair it by rubbing with a light abrasive
•Available in 5 and 20 litres
Product Type:Lubricant and Penetrant
For Use With:Protective Film Seals
Container Type:Aerosol Can
Container Size:480 g
Physical Form:Liquid
Viscosity:4 cPs
Flammable (Yes/No):Yes