About Us


Company Profile

Baker & Farrow is a supplier of industrial and engineering products, based in Newcastle, servicing a broad range of industries.


Baker & Farrow was formed in 1982 by Robert Farrow and Norm Baker as a result of demand for a one stop industrial supplier to the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area. Both Robert and Norm had extensive experience in the industry, and with this experience, and support from family they developed the business through close customer and supplier relationships.

It all began in small premises with minimal stock run by Robert, Norm and Families. All hands were on deck with close friends and relatives, including Grandparents being drafted in to ensure all customer requirements were met. With rapid growth in the first 2 years, B&F found it necessary to recruit personnel and relocate the business to a larger facility moving to Fern Street, Islington where it remained for almost 20 years.

In 1995 Michelle and Robert Farrow took sole control of the business with the support of their children Jason, Dean and Angela, who are now all involved in the running of the business.

Due to the continued growth, in 2003 Baker & Farrow moved into the existing purpose built warehouse at Sandgate (pictured above), which enabled the business to increase capabilities and stock holdings. 30 years down the track the company continues to flourish with 25 employees. Moving forward, Baker & Farrow continues to focus on providing the highest level of customer service.

Keys to Success

Baker & Farrow prides itself on being able to offer an extensive range of the highest quality brands and products available. As a result of the continued growth, we have been able to offer our customer base an expanding range at the most competitive price.

The foundation of our success is based on the building of close relationships with staff, suppliers and most importantly, our customers. Our flexibility in being able to service our customers’ specific needs, as and when required, has been a key to maintaining long term loyalty.

Our Services

Customer Service - Our customer service team which consists of internal sales and on road representatives, can be readily contacted to assist any customer enquiry.

Technical assistance/Product knowledge - At Baker & Farrow, we are constantly improving our product and technical knowledge in order to best service our customers. Through ongoing training and many years of industry experience, our skilled customer service team are at your disposal to assist with any enquiry. Alternatively, most B&F suppliers are readily available to offer technical support and solutions including on site consultations when required.

Product Availability – We carry an extensive range of core stock products across a broad spectrum of categories including, hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, cutting tools, abrasives, safety products, welding equipment, materials handling, electrical, hardware, janitorial, chemicals, industrial paints and coatings, lubrication, fasteners, brush ware, marking supplies and stationary. Although B&F carry an extensive range on site, we also have access and offer a massive range of products through our supplier network. We are regularly asked and able to source ‘hard to get’ and unique items. We also offer the flexibility of stocking many alternative products to meet every individual requirement.

Cost Reduction – We can help to reduce your overall inventory management costs. With our ‘one stop shop’ ability we can reduce your number of suppliers, which in turn will decrease operational costs in areas including, reducing the overall number of purchase orders, reducing deliveries, reducing invoice transactions and reducing payments through the accounts payable process.

Other services available that can achieve cost savings can include, utilizing our stock holdings and daily deliveries (reducing your stock), vendor management of stock, consolidated invoicing (weekly/monthly) and dedicated stock reserved for specific customers.

We also offer itemised spreadsheets with usage levels based on purchase history, which many customers use to set stock levels and place orders. A number of reports can be made available on request to assist with stock control.

Delivery/Pick Up – We offer daily delivery services to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley areas and an overnight courier service to most other areas within NSW. Alternatively, to those customers in the Newcastle area, we offer a counter pick up service. For the most efficient service it is recommended that orders are placed prior to pick up.

Order Placement/Enquiries - You can place your order or make an enquiry by the following methods-
Sandgate Phone - 0249601222
Sandgate Fax - 0249601333
Email - sales@bakfar.com.au
Online - www.bakfar.com.au

Occupational Health & Safety Commitment

At Baker & Farrow, ensuring the occupational health and safety of all persons in the workplace is considered to be of the utmost importance. The company is committed to building a culture that encourages all employees and others in the workplace to take personal responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe a healthy work environment. The company and its management are dedicated to providing the resources and systems necessary to comply with OH&S laws and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Our Commitment

At Baker & Farrow we base our business on building relationships with our customers and providing a personalised service of the highest level. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and strive to make continuous improvement into the future.